I can take whole pie orders and would love to make a pie for you! I coincide pie orders with days that I am baking in the kitchen for events, and coordinate pickup at event sites. Please email me at heather@goldstarpies.com to see what the menu is for the week and to coordinate pickup for your very own pie. All orders must be confirmed through email and payment is due when the order is placed. Whole pies are $30 each including tax ($35 for gluten free). Corporate gifts and delivery can be arranged.

Thanksgiving Pie Orders

 I will take orders for Thanksgiving pies beginning on November 1st. All orders must be emailed to Heather@goldstarpies.com, confirmed over email, and prepaid. The deadline for orders is 5pm Saturday, November 17th. All pies are $30 including tax, and must be picked up on Thursday, November 22nd, between 8am and 10am at 302 E. Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, 80903. Available flavors for Thanksgiving include:

Bourbon Pecan
Tart Cherry with an Oatmeal Crumble Topping
Classic Apple

Quantities are limited, order early!